Friday, August 3, 2007

Post Three
By Zack M.

This is my first year with the Apprentice Company, and I wasn’t sure what to expect. I was active in my high school theater program, and after graduation I decided to step outside my comfort zone and train with the Apprentice Company. The experience of taking this risk and trying something new is similar to what I am now experiencing through the rehearsal process. I have learned that taking risks is necessary and often it will lead you to places previously unimaginable.

I’ve always considered myself to be a talented actor, and in the past it has been hard to keep my ego in check. Soon after my first few days as a member of the Apprentice Company, I realized that this was a whole different ball game. I was surrounded by a myriad of talented people.

This week a lot has changed. We’ve begun the rehearsal process for The Merry Wives of Windsor and moved to Centennial Park for rehearsals. Our schedule (12:30 – 9:00 p.m.) makes for a long day, but it’s worth it in order to put on a good show. One of the most exciting things as an Apprentice Company member is the opportunity to work with professional adult actors. It’s been quite an experience. The way the professional actors explore their craft is inspiring and has given me many ideas of what I can do to improve my own performance.

It’s also been very cool because my former teacher Randall Lancaster is playing the character of Ford in The Merry Wives of Windsor. Having the opportunity to act with a former instructor has been extremely fun. While it’s very hot outside, everyone is working their hardest despite the heat in order to bring Nashville a fantastic show come mid-August.

During the first two weeks that we built our ensemble, I learned numerous things that have helped to shape the clown world we are preparing. Without a doubt, Apprentice Company training has been one of the most informative theatrical experiences that I have ever had.