Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Post Four
By Cassie Tesauro

Last week I realized just how compassionate the members of the Apprentice Company are. I woke up last Tuesday morning, and as I started to get ready for rehearsal I developed a horrible migraine. I kept getting ready, but eventually I had to stop and lie down. I missed half of rehearsal because of my migraine and was sick for two days. I made it through rehearsal, but I had to lay low.

Being a member of the Apprentice Company is like being a member of a big family. When you’re ill, everyone watches over you. I even had one of the professional actors tell me to “stop sweeping the stage like a crazy person” because they knew I was still sick.

It’s inspiring to watch the professional actors, both on stage and off stage. They’re all role models for me. If I can grow up to be half as kind and talented as they are, I’ll be happy.

This is my third year in the Apprentice Company, and the reason I keep auditioning is not only because I have a passion for theater, but also because I have a passion for the people who work in theater. There is nowhere else in the world where you can find a group of people who support each other as much as we do.