Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Week Two of Performances

Diego Gomez watches members practicing for performance.

Week Two of Coriolanus performances started off a little slow, but that was probably because of the three-day break we had. Energy was down on Thursday, but we brought it all back up by the end of the show. Friday was a good show and the combat scenes went really well.

We were missing our fellow Apprentice Company member, little AW (AshleyWhite) Brothers, we were very thankful Emily was prepared to step in for her. Coincidentally, Emily was absent Saturday and AW had to fill in for her. Both girls did a great job taking on each other’s roles.

Saturday was our best night, the energy level of the cast was incredible and was only increased by the energy from the huge audience we had. Everything seemed to go so smoothly, and the audience just loved all of it. Sunday seemed to lag a little more than Saturday, but the energy was brought back up by intermission.

I think that during this week we, as a cast, grew stronger and more together. It is amazing how relationships grow so fast with people in such a short time. Being part of Apprentice Company is such an amazing experience it is almost impossible to put into words. What I can say is that the Apprentice Company will change your life completely for the better.

-Diego Gomez, graduate of Nashville School of the Arts