Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Rehearsals Begin

I can’t believe it’s only been one week since our first rehearsal! I feel like I’ve been in the park with the adult actors for months. It’s surprising how fast relationships grow when you’re bonding in the hot Nashville sun. At the end of last week’s Apprentice Company training, I felt like one of the best experiences of my life had just ended. But when I walked into the bandshell Monday afternoon to begin rehearsals, I realized it was really only the beginning.

Saturday was a read-through which was exciting. It was my first chance to meet the actors and actually see what the play was about. It was one of the most interesting read-throughs I have ever been to because the actors switched parts. Sweet Valeria was reading the part of warrior Coriolanus, while big Sicinius was reading the part of motherly Volumnia. Needless to say, during some parts it was hard to hold back giggles! On Monday and Tuesday we began choreographing the major fight scenes throughout the play. When I first heard the schedule, I was terrified. Last week I had gotten a taste of fighting at Roy’s farm and let’s just say I was not a natural fighter. It turns out I had nothing to fear, for the more skilled actors were always willing to slow it down or help me learn a new move. They were really nice about it and never became impatient.

The rest of the week was spent blocking the play and getting to know our characters. All of the Apprentice Company students are part of the huge city mob in the production. It’s a great part to play because the commoners are just learning their own strength. They are in a new position where they are in charge, and it is cool to see them test their boundaries. On Sunday we were given the chance to go to Whole Foods to perform our monologues. I was so nervous because it felt like training was decades ago. In the audience I could see friends, classmates, and even some of the adult actors who had come to watch! It felt great that our fellow Coriolanus actors had come to support us.

The play is just beginning to take its form and it is looking awesome. I am so proud that I get to be in such a great production which such talented actors. I am learning more than I thought was possible, and I am grateful to be given the chance. It seems that at the end of the day the sweaty clothes, sunburned skin and bags under my eyes are worth it!

- Lindsey Myrick, student at Harpeth Hall

Choreographing a fight scene

The cast choreographs a fight scene during rehearsals in Centennial Park.