Monday, October 8, 2007

Apprentice Company Responses

“These two weeks have influenced the way I view the acting world more than any other experience. Apprentice Company has taught me so much, from monologue development to juggling to ensemble awareness. Thank you!
-Tommy Harless, Montgomery Bell Academy Sophomore

“For the second year in a row I’ve had the distinct honor and enjoyment of working with some of the most talented young artists in the area. Apprentice Company not only enriched our experiences, it shifted our attitudes, sharpened our abilities, and helped us discover connections that will last for years to come, which will ultimately enhance the local community. On a personal level, I learned to juggle, sword fight, audition, improvise, direct and share a story for an audience. I look forward to another show in the Park!”
-Ben Greaves, West Wilson County High School Graduate
The University of the South Freshman

“While I often find myself in the position of an outsider, this year’s Apprentice Company truly provided me with an opportunity to learn a wealth of information and take a myriad of risks without fear of rejection. I cannot think of a time where it seemed that the only consequence of your action was to get another opportunity to aim for success. I’d heartily recommend the Apprentice Company to anyone considering it.”
-Zack McCann, Father Ryan High School Graduate
Belmont University Freshman

Apprentice Company has been one of the greatest acting experiences of my life. I’ve learned to juggle, clown and be vulnerable and open. Combat has been great and will benefit me for years to come.”
-Sam Spanjian, Community High School Senior

“This Apprentice Company experience was amazing. I had no idea what I was getting into, and no idea that I would have this much fun! Everyone is insightful, intelligent and a joy to be around. I’ve bonded with this ensemble more than any other. In the course of two weeks I’ve learned so much about theater, clowning, my fellow cast mates and myself. I’m amazed that in so little time I’ve been affected this much. I will take this training and apply it to future acting jobs and life.
-Ricardo Beaird, Nashville School of the Arts Senior

“Apprentice Company has aided me beyond belief. Each day has been jammed with new and challenging exercises, eye-opening vocal training and ensemble building that has made me love each and every ensemble member. I cannot thank the faculty enough for inspiring me and allowing me to feel comfortable. I would advise and encourage everyone to take this leap and join Apprentice Company. I am so grateful!
-Savannah Frazier, Hume Fogg High School Senior

“Being part of the Nashville Shakespeare Festival’s Apprentice Company has been an awesome experience. Through working with professional actors and working with my fellow Apprentice Company members, I have learned to take risks both in my acting and in my life. The various responsibilities Apprentice Company gives have helped prepare me for other aspects of my life that will require more responsibility as I grow older. Apprentice Company has been fun, and I have made friends that I will keep with me for years to come.”
-Christy White, Nashville School of the Arts Graduate
Transylvania University Freshman

“I loved the ensemble feeling of the Apprentice Company. I learned so much – not only about myself, but also about how to work and create in an ensemble. I became more confident and comfortable with myself and my art as a result of the Apprentice Company training, everything from Viewpoints to pratfalls to intensive monologue work. Every minute was worth it!
-Caitlin Kelly, Nashville School of the Arts Senior

“This has been my second year in the Apprentice Company. I came in feeling confident that I knew the ropes and I wouldn’t be thrown for a loop. After the second day I realized I was in for another great journey. I feel so accepted by the other ensemble members. I learned how to truly become a clown and a better person. Apprentice Company is an excellent opportunity to get to know the Nashville theater community and to learn about yourself, not only as an actor but as a human being. After being instructed by actors in Nashville, one leaves with not only an audition monologue but a new confidence in oneself as an actor.”
-Alex Spieth, University School of Nashville Junior

The 2007 Apprentice Company gave me the means to be the best possible. After some difficult high school days, Apprentice Company reminded me that no matter how hard you fall you can still get up to fall harder. Whenever someone made a mistake, the group lifted them. The Apprentice Company training was a refreshing step into success through vocal coaching, clown training and pratfalling!”
-Brad Burns, Home School Senior

I have learned so much doing the Apprentice Company training. Firstly with voice, I learned how to use my diaphragm. I really enjoyed the clowning, where I learned about direct communication through acting and relentless commitment to the character’s motive. I really thought it was challenging to bring the text to life, but in the end the training paid off and was very beneficial.”
-Anna Millard, University School of Nashville Sophomore

“Apprentice Company is, in all honesty, the best thing that has happened to my acting. In the 2006 company we learned control; this year we learned to let go of control and let the words take over. I am a more open and less timid actor because of the Apprentice Company.”
-Steven Berryessa, Home School Graduate
Watkins College of Art & Design Freshman

“As an acting and directing apprentice, I’ve had so many opportunities to grow in this summer’s program. As an actor, I’ve been allowed and encouraged to go out of my comfort zone and explore. This has opened up a whole new world of possibilities to me and has made me feel more secure as an artist. As a director, I’ve had priceless experience coaching my peers, and I know that there is no other program where my advice would be as welcomed. This program never fails to inspire me, and it makes me grow not only as an artist, but also as a person.
-Cassie Tesauro, Nashville School of the Arts Senior